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Highly rated by our clients on reviews.co.uk

Highly rated by our clients on reviews.co.uk

FREE Financial Review Worth £500

FREE Consultation worth £500, with an Expert Financial Adviser.

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FREE Review from Black Lion

Black Lion Wealth offers tailored financial planning and investment advice to all, regardless of age, circumstances or status. 

During our financial review, we will get to understand your circumstances specifically and identify ways in which we can help you achieve your financial objectives. We will work with you to create a bespoke financial plan. 

No one said that investing is easy.  Obviously, it isn’t easy.  You need to know what you’re doing.  Finally, the solution is here.  If you’re considering the best means to secure lock-down on your financial future, or as near to it as possible based on your attitude to risk, we believe that we have the expertise and the experience you need.

Our goal is simple: with our investment advice, we want to help you reach your financial and life goals, whatever they may be.

We support hard-working people like you who wish to make provision for their yet-to-come years but who may not know where to start.  Well, let us help.   Literally, we know about investments so that you don’t have to. 

Investment advice.  Let’s set some goals to make memories.

What are your hopes and dreams?  Whether you’ve set your heart on some bucket list destinations, helping your offspring to buy their first home, or even retiring early,  you hardly need us to tell you that you’ll need some funds to do this.

Perhaps you’d like to move abroad to enjoy sunnier climes in your golden years.  Or, simply be able to afford that eye-wateringly expensive property deposit on your first dream home.

Well, none of these things are particularly affordable either.

Taking tailor-made investment advice from Black Lion Wealth could mean having the perfect plan in place to help you achieve your life goals.  Customised entirely to suit your circumstances, our aim is to support you and your family now, as well as in the future. 

Investing.  What does it mean?

Simply defined, investing is a way to put aside funds now so that you will have money to spend in the years to come.

Although there are and can never be any guarantees, the  objective is to benefit from a good return on the funds invested.

Investments may involve planning your retirement fund, or for a specific goal or purpose.  A speedboat on the Med?  Yes, that sort of thing – but more likely something more prosaic (but equally lovely), such as the cash purchase of a holiday home or even the means to fund a new hobby.  Anyone for tennis?  Or golf?

The benefits of financial advice from Black Lion Wealth

If you’re looking to invest, we know how complicated and time-consuming it can be to take care of your own financial health.  Without advice, you may simply not be completely sure that you’ve bought the right product or plan. Why? Because it’s possible that you haven’t considered everything you need to.

You’re human, you’re not a financial super hero.

For example, do you have a clear goal? What’s your accurate financial position? What other investment products to you have? Do you have debts?

Ultimately, not knowing the full picture and not applying it to your investment strategy could end up costing you dear.

Numerous studies have shown that individuals who take regular financial advice end up in a stronger financial position from those who don’t.  In a world of financial products, who can help you?

We can.

We have the solution.  Black Lion Wealth offers outstanding investment advice to help you make the best of your choices.  All in all, we believe that we can add considerable value.  How? Because we’re fully qualified, highly regulated investment experts.

Moreover, we may be able to negotiate fees with the product providers.

(Incidentally, in case you were wondering, Black Lion Wealth offers total transparency regarding our advice fees, which will be discussed and agreed with you up front)

Here’s how we can help: 

Understanding your needs

A member of the Black Lion Wealth team will take you through an in-depth fact find.  This will uncover everything we need to know in order to offer you the most appropriate advice.  Areas may include your motivation for investing, whether you have any other assets (such as small pension pots from previous jobs) and the length of time you wish to invest.

We’ll also confirm your tax position, and the financial means at your disposal. Essentially, it’s all about your priorities.

Importantly, we’ll establish your attitude to risk. 

The importance of risk

Understanding risk is essential to the success of any medium to long-term investment plan.  You may not even have considered it, but we all have different attitudes to risk and how you feel about it will underpin just about everything.

Ask yourself: How much risk am I prepared to take with my retirement savings?

Investment returns are not guaranteed.  Any investment strategy you make carries with it the potential for loss.  You may have rejected the idea of bank savings due to low returns.  However, this option is ideal for the risk-averse, or for those with a more conservative view.

However, if you feel comfortable with a higher capacity for loss, the yields could be higher, too.  Perhaps, in your view, the words “risk” and “opportunity” are interchangeable.

In a nutshell, if you are prepared to take investment risks, you could reap higher rewards – or unfortunately, make substantial losses. Should you be of a more cautious disposition, yields could be lower, yet more consistent.

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    Important Information

    The value of Investments is not guaranteed and can fall as well as rise and you may not retain the amount you originally invested.

    If you drawdown too much Income or your investments underperform, you run the risk of running out of funds.

    Both Black Lion Insurance & Black Lion Wealth are Trading Styles of PRG Protect Ltd

    Investment advice to help you decide 

    To start, a member of the Black Lion Wealth team will carefully take you through a series of questions to establish your attitude to risk. 

    Basically, this is your starting point.  Why? Because this will enable us to discuss the best risk category for your assessment.  Then, we may recommend that you diversify in your chosen range of products and plans.  Essentially, this spreads the risk and reduces potential losses overall. Your investment portfolio could include the following:

    • Shares

    Equities, or shares, are a key part of an investment portfolio.  Generally considered to be higher risk, they can offer long-term opportunities for the growth of both capital and dividend income. 

    • Cash savings products

    Lower risk but also with a lower return, cash ISAs or fixed rate savings bonds are relatively easy to understand and a popular option for the risk-averse. 

    • Hedge funds

    Hedge funds can deliver good returns.  They are higher up the risk scale and are designed to capture market increases whilst offering protection against capital loss. 

    • Commodities

    Generally high risk but a good part of a diversified portfolio. 

    • Pensions

    Ask us about pensions advice. We specialise in helping you with the right pension products for your lifestyle and circumstances.


    Why speak to us – Our client charter?

    • We love what we do, and more importantly, we are qualified to do it – we aim to provide a fully comprehensive service to all our clients.
    • We are confident that we will deliver a high-quality service that will be amongst the best in the financial services industry
    • We continually strive to improve our personal development
    • We follow the principles of treating customers fairly set out by the Financial Conduct Authority
    • We treat our clients as we would like to be treated.


    Deciding on your asset allocation

    What is an asset allocation?  It’s how your investment portfolio has been put together in percentage terms.  Ask us about a combination of low, risk and high investments.  We’d be happy to advise on the right mix for you. 

    Already an investor?

    Black Lion Wealth offers advice to all. Whether you’re a first-time investor or have an existing portfolio, we want to help.  We can offer financial advice to help you make the most of your current investments.

    You may not have a clear idea of where your investments are, or perhaps you’re not sure how your assets have been spread out.  Are you sure you have a complete understanding of the fees and charges you’re paying?  Along the way, you may even have changed your attitude to risk; perhaps you’re now more, or less cautious.

    If this is you, you could benefit from our financial advice to make sure that you’re on the right track.

    We’re with you on your entire financial journey

    If you’re thinking about putting your hard-earned money into investments, Black Lion Wealth would like to support you throughout your financial life from now on.

    Remember that investment returns are never guaranteed.  Equally importantly, your circumstances could change; your priorities move in another direction. Taking regular financial advice from Black Lion Wealth will help you to review your situation and plan accordingly.  We’ll help you to take the most appropriate action to help you meet your goals.

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