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Cirencester Friendly Income Protection – Introduction


Founded in 1890, Cirencester Friendly today has over 44,000 members. As a mutual organisation Cirencester Friendly has no shareholders and is a significant provider of Income Protection insurance in the UK.

Prioritising its members’ best interests, the organisation uses the acronym HEART for their core values: Honest, Excellence, Accountability, Respect & Trust.

In the last 25 years, Cirencester Friendly has more than tripled its membership, demonstrating significant organic growth.

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Contact Details

Income Protection Claims Line: 0800 587 5098
Online Claims: How to Claim
Address: Mutuality House, The Mallards, South Cerney, Gloucestershire, GL7 5TQ
FCA Register:

Cirencester Friendly Customer Reviews

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Cirencester Friendly does not appear to use a specific service to collect verifiable customer reviews. There are 19 customer reviews on the organisation’s Google Business Profile although only one appears to have been made in the last 12 months.

Cirencester Friendly 2023 Claims Report

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Cirencester Friendly’s Claims Statistics for 2023 reports that the organisation paid out 95.8% of Income Protection claims in 2023. Over the past ten years this figure averages out to an impressive 94.5%.

Reasons policyholders claimed

Industry Awards

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Cirencester Friendly’s 2023 awards include “Best Financial Protection Provider” at the What Mortgage Awards and were highly commended by Protection Guru in the “Best Insurer for Protecting the Income of People with Higher Risk Occupations” category. Additionally, Cirencester Friendly’s “My Earnings Protected” policy has been awarded a 5* Defaqto rating.

Cirencester Friendly – My Earnings Protected

Cirencester Friendly’s “My Earnings Protected” Income Protection policy is notable for the fact that it may provide competitve premiums for those in higher-risk occupations, smokers, or those who engage in hazardous pastimes (except motorsports).

The policy can be set up to provide both short-term and long-term Income Protection, and offers split deferred periods.

The information below is not intended to provide advice on the suitability of any particular policy for the reader. For a free consultation and full market review, speak with Black Lion Insurance today on 0203 011 00 22 or request an Income Protection Quote from Cirencester Friendly.

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Hand and Wages to represent Monthly Benefit

Monthly Benefit and Maximum Cover

Policyholders can insure up to 65% of their gross taxable earnings. The policy has a limit on the total earnings which can be protected which is £80,000 per annum. The minimum amount of earnings which can be protected is £6,400. Therefore, the tax-free monthly benefits can range from £346.66 to £4,333.33.

Pair of Crutches Icon to represent Incapacity

Incapacity Levels

Up until the policyholder’s occupational retirement age, this policy uses an “own occupation” definition to establish incapacity. This means that valid claims require that an illness or injury prevents the insured individual from carrying out the necessary tasks for their own occupation.

After the policyholder’s occupational retirement age, the policy switches to using a “suited occupation” definition to establish incapacity. This is to say that a valid claim will require that the policyholder’s illness or injury is substantial enough to prevent them from undertaking any employment in another role past training, experience or education would deem them suitable for.

Heart Pulse to represent Health

Medical Exclusions

The health information provided before starting the policy may lead to certain exclusions.

Hour Glass Icon to represent the Deferred Period

Deferred Period

My Earnings Protected policies offer deferred periods of 1, 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks. However, there is also the flexibility to combine two deferred periods. This may be helpful for individuals who may first receive full sick pay from their employers but this then decreases to half pay after a period of time. It may also be of interest to those who simply wish to stagger the monthly benefit so that the policy provides greater protection against longer term incapacity.

Calendar to represent Benefit Period

Benefit Period

Policyholders have the option to take short-term cover where the benefit period (claims period) of the policy is limited to 24 months or long-term cover which covers the policyholder up until their chosen age (maximum 70th birthday).

Income Protection Insurance Policy

Policy Duration

“This policy is designed to run until the policyholder reaches retirement and has two possible expiry dates: either the policyholder’s 70th birthday or the occupational retirement age set by the Society for the applicant’s occupation, whichever comes first.

Minimum Eligible Criteria

To apply for a My Earnings Protected policy from Cirencester Friendly applicants must at least meet the following criteria:

  1. Live in the UK and do not habitually live or work outside of the UK.
  2. Earnings are taxable in the UK.
  3. Aged between 18 and 54 years old at the start of the policy.
  4. Registered with a UK Doctor who can supply 3 years worth of medical history.
  5. Employed or self-employed and earning a minimum of £6,400 and working a minimum of 16 hours per week (zero hours contracts are not eligible).
  6. Not awaiting any medical tests, investigations or results.

Additional Policy Features

Online GP

GP Advice Line, Health & Wellbeing Services

GP24: This service provides 24/7 access to a helpline from which a telephone or online / virtual appointment can be made with a UK registered GP.

Friendly Voice: Telephone support from a personal nurse.

Your Halo: Personalised health and wellbeing service to assist with physical and mental wellbeing, diet and nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Parent and Child

Children’s Critical Illness Support

In the event that a policyholder’s child is diagnosed with one of ten critical illnesses, Cirencester Friendly will make a lump sum payment of £2,500.

Hospital Bed and Patient Icon

Terminal Illness Benefit

In the event a policyholder is diagnosed with an incurable illness which is considered likely to result in death within 12 months, policyholders can make a claim for Terminal Illness Benefit. In addition to any monthly benefit which will continue to be paid as normal, this pays out a lump sum equal to six months benefit.


Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefit

Available as an optional extra at a cost of £6 per month.

Fracture Benefit: Pays a lump sum of £1,500 for comminuted, complicated, compound, depressed and simple bone fractures. Fingers, toes and nose fractures are not covered.

Hospitalisation Benefit: Pays £50 per night for up to 21 consecutive nights in hospital (insured must have spent a minimum of 3 consecutive nights in hospital).

Lifesaver to represent Death Benefit

Immediate Death Benefit

An optional extra at £5 per month, this additional cover pays a lump sum of £7,500 to a nominated recipient upon the death of the policyholder. However, policyholders may wish to ask Black Lion Insurance what is the best Life Insurance for their needs before considering this option.


Claiming Abroad

This policy has the requirement that the policyholder must be in the UK for any claim to be paid.

Cirencester Friendly Income Protection Indicative Quotes

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Example Monthly Premiums shows price of quotes obtained for Cirencester Friendly's "My Earnings Protected" policy with level cover & guaranteed premiums. Quotes are for a non-smoking individual with a low-risk, office-based occupation (such as Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Software etc). Policy ends on 70th birthday of the insured.

Policy Type Age Monthly Benefit Deferred Period Benefit Period Example Monthly Premium
My Earnings Protected 30 £1,500 4 weeks 2 years £25.30
My Earnings Protected 30 £1,500 13 weeks 39 years £32.61
My Earnings Protected 30 £1,500 4 weeks 39 years £59.64
My Earnings Protected 40 £2,500 4 weeks 2 years £60.46
My Earnings Protected 40 £2,500 13 weeks 29 years £84.46
My Earnings Protected 40 £2,500 4 weeks 29 years £153.52

Please Note: These example monthly premiums are based on quotes obtained from Cirencester Friendly using information of an individual described above. They are intended for illustrative purposes only and to assist readers better understand and compare the potential price differences between the insurance policies listed. These quotes are not personalised or tailored to specific individual circumstances and may not reflect the actual monthly premium or terms that an individual with a similar overview may receive. For accurate, up-to-date advice and personlised quotes readers should contact Black Lion Insurance.