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Construction Worker

Accident Only Insurance For Construction Workers

NEW! Accident insurance for construction workers can provide cost-effective protection against the financial consequences of suffering a physical injury.

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Income Protection for

As FCA registered insurance brokers, Black Lion Insurance provides guidance on income protection for contractors, self-employed professionals and company directors.

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Self Employed Accident & Sickness Insurance

Looking for self employed accident and sickness insurance? Black Lion Insurance can provide guidance on what policies are most likely to fit your needs and budget.

Highly Skilled IT Director conducting business critical work.

Key Person Insurance

Whether it is a CEO, Sales Director or a senior employee with business-critical responsibilities, Keyman Insurance can help to shield businesses against the potential risk of losing a key member of your team to illness, injury or death.

Income and Medical Bills on balancing scales
Policy Comparison

Income Protection vs Private Medical Insurance

An in-depth comparison between Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance, this article looks at how each policy type can help when common medical issues arise.

About Us

Part of Halo Consulting, Black Lion Insurance is a team of experienced insurance consultants specialising in policies to help protect your personal or business income.

Specialising in assisting self-employed, contractors, executives and a range of niche vocations (such as dentists, doctors and pilots), our experts are on hand to help guide you on the best Income Protection,  Accident & Sickness or Life Insurance products to best match your needs.

For businesses of any size, we provide the highest levels of service to assist you in choosing the right Key Person Insurance, Shareholder Protection and Relevant Life policies.

Insurance and protection products can be complicated. Our approach is to educate and inform to help make your decision straightforward and effective for you.

We’re not tied to any single provider and can therefore guide you on the right product for your needs, and your needs alone.

Above all, we’re people first and insurance experts second. That’s us in a nutshell, really. We help businesses and individuals throughout the whole of the UK, offering sound, practical guidance to anyone who needs it.