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Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover from Black Lion Insurance, also known as critical illness insurance, could help to alleviate a stressful time should serious illness or a disability strike out of the blue.

What is Critical Illness Cover?

In brief, this type of insurance will pay out if you develop one of the specific medical conditions that are covered by your policy with us.

On the whole, critical illness cover doesn’t allow for pre-existing illnesses or conditions.  Also, it won’t pay out if you die.

With this in mind, If you’re not sure, talk to the team here at Black Lion for the best possible policies  for your circumstances.  It’s vitally important that you understand all the details. Therefore, we’ll make sure that you’re fully informed in order to make the best decision for you, and you alone.

How does it work?

In brief, it’s quite straightforward.  Typically, critical illness cover pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis, should your claim be accepted.

This money could cover your mortgage, bills or, as there are no conditions to the use of this payment.  For instance, it could cover a trip to somewhere warm and sunny to help you recover and recuperate.  Now, that sounds rather reassuring, doesn’t it?

The cost of critical illness cover will depend on your age, the amount of cover you pay for and other important factors regarding lifestyle and your current state of health.

Again, the consultants here at Black Lion Insurance can help.

Do you need critical illness cover?

You’re basically healthy. OK, you could do with getting down to the gym a bit more often, drink more water perhaps.  And, you can run for a bus and walk up hills without too much effort.  Everything is fine.

You don’t want to think about illness.  Especially, if you’re self-employed or a contractor, you just don’t want to go there.

Except that:

A stroke, heart attack or a diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer doesn’t always happen to other people.  Forgive us, but as the saying goes, it could be you.

How Black Lion Insurance can help

When it comes to critical illness cover, we can offer you the right advice, at the right time and at the right price.  One of our consultants will talk you through everything we need to know and that importantly, you need to know.

We’ll explain the boundaries and limitations of your cover to enable you to make the right decisions.

Small print.  It’s a thing.  We don’t want you to get caught out by it when, should the worst happen, you desperately need the financial injection you think you’re entitled to.  Don’t worry.  Forewarned is forearmed.  By the time you pick the policy that suits you best, you’ll be aware of everything – jargon-free, too.

When it comes to health insurance, Black Lion Insurance is on your side and we want to help as much as we can.

Contact us through this website or give us a call.  We’re looking forward to speaking to you.

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What our clients are saying

Black Lion insurance were great in helping me get through the countless jargon and pitfalls when it comes to setting up insurance. I was thankfully recommended to them by a colleague and they made the process seamless ensuring I have the most appropriate policy for me.

I’m an IT contractor and I wasn’t sure if I was eligible for this cover, however, to my delight, not only could I have the cover, but I could pay it through my Ltd company. I was covered within an hour of getting in contact. Very prompt and informative service!
Sanjay P

Polite and very clear when explaining my product of interest. Happy to answer any questions and recap on areas that I wanted to ensure I understood clearly before committing. Didn’t feel pressured or rushed at any point and the chap was very pleasant.
Donna Rudd

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