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Legal & General Protection – Introduction


Founded in 1836, Legal & General plc is one of the UK’s largest financial services organisations focused on Investments, Pensions and Insurance.

Managing over $1.4 trillion of assets and a constituent of the FTSE 100, Legal & General has long been a brand associated predominantly with UK insurance. However in 2020 Legal & General completed the sale of its general insurance division to Allianz. The group’s insurance division now focuses solely on life insurance, critical insurance, income protection and business protection.

The group’s website highlights the aim of building a better society by investing in long-term assets such as renewable energy and housing projects in what they call “inclusive capitalism”.

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Contact Details

Income Protection Claims Line: 0800 027 9830
Email Claims: [email protected]
Address: One Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5AA
FCA Register:

Customer Reviews

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Legal & General use Trustpilot to collect reviews from both verified an unverified customers. To date they have over 14,000 reviews of which 2,448 have been contributed in the last 12 months and show an improving trend.

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2022 Payouts

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According to Legal & General’s 2023 Claims Statistics, the organisation paid a total of 389 of new and continuing Income Protection claims in 2023 which is reported as 80% of claims.

Industry Awards

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Legal & General’s Income Protection and Low Start Income Protection have both been awarded 5* Defaqto ratings whereas its Illness & Injury Insurance has received a 3* rating. In March 2023 was announced as Britain’s Most Admired Company for 2022, ranking top among FTSE listed companies in the longest-running annual survey of corporate reputation in the UK. In 2022 Legal & General won Outstanding Business Protection from “Cover” an insurance industry magazine.

Income Protection Review

Legal & General offers two types of income protection policies.

Illness and Injury Insurance: A simple form of cover more comparable with Accident & Sickness Insurance, this policy provides payouts after a deferred period of 4 weeks for up to 12 monthly payouts per valid claim. Covering up to 60% of gross income capped at £2,000 a month the cover lasts until the 60th birthday of the insured.

Income Protection Benefit: This flexible income protection helps cover loss of earnings, with payouts commencing after a chosen waiting period of 4, 8, 13, 26, or 52 weeks. It covers up to 60% of gross annual income up to £60,000 a year, and then 50% of gross annual income over £60,000 a year. The cover lasts until the chosen retirement age.

The information below provides an overview of Legal & General’s Income Protection Benefit (not “Illness and Injury Insurance” or “Low Start Income Protection”). It is not intended to provide advice on the suitability of any particular policy for the reader. For a free consultation and full market review speak with Black Lion Insurance today on 0203 011 00 22 or request a Legal & General Income Protection Quote Online.

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Hand and Wages to represent Monthly Benefit

Monthly Benefit and Maximum Cover

60% of annual employed earnings up to £60,000 and 50% thereafter. Maximum monthly benefit £20,000 per month for level cover or £14,000 per month increasing cover. Houseperson working less than 16 hours a week maximum monthly benefit £1,666.67.

Pair of Crutches Icon to represent Incapacity

Incapacity Levels

Own Occupation: Policyholders are considered incapacitated if they have no capacity for working in their own occupation, on any basis, as a direct result of your injury or illness.

Homeperson: Policyholders considered incapacitated if they are unable to complete 3 tasks which relate to walking, climbing stairs, lifting, bending, entering and exiting a car and writing.

Heart Pulse to represent Health

Medical Exclusions

There are no restrictions on the type of sickness or accident that can cause incapacity unless disclosed prior to the start of the policy. Medical history must be provided upon application. Personal medical exclusions will be declared in policy.

Hour Glass Icon to represent the Deferred Period

Deferred Period

Applicants can choose between 4, 8, 13, 26 or a 52 week deferred period.

Calendar to represent Benefit Period

Benefit Period

Income Protection Policy: The maximum duration of a claim is up until the end of the policy or the death of the policyholder.
Low Start Income Protection: Please note that Legal & General also offer a “Low Start Income Protection” policy which provides a benefit period of just 12 or 24 months. Given the shorter benefit period this policy has lower monthly premiums.

Income Protection Insurance Policy

Policy Duration

Minimum duration 5 years but cannot end prior to the policyholder’s 50th birthday. Dependant on occupation policies can be set up to provide cover up to policyholder’s 70th birthday or set retirement age.

Minimum Eligible Criteria

To apply for Legal & General’s Income Protection applicants must at least meet the following criteria:

  1. Employed, self-employed or a homemaker
  2. Aged between 18 and 59 years old at the start of the policy
  3. Be a UK resident for at least 2 years and live permanently in the UK
  4. Prove that you have been registered with a UK GP for at least 2 years

Additional Policy Features

Online GP

Wellbeing & Rehabilitation Support

Wellbeing Support: Included as standard, services are available to the policyholder, their partner and children living at home. Provided by experienced registered nurses, Wellbeing Support assists with advice, guidance, clinical assessment, help with managing serious and chronic illnesses.

Rehabilitation Support: Access to UK clinical healthcare experts to help policyholder in recovery and turning to work following a valid claim. Treatments received do not affect monthly benefits and can assist with range of issues including musculoskeletal pain, cancer, heart conditions, stroke and mental health.


Hospitalisation Benefit

Included as standard pays policyholder 1/30th of the policy’s monthly benefit for each night spent in hospital. Payments commence after the 8th consecutive day and continue until either the policyholder leaves hospital, their policy’s deferred period ends, after 13 weeks or the policyholder dies, whichever is the earliest. Maximum pay out £150 per night.

Lifesaver to represent Death Benefit

Death Benefit

Lump sum payment equal to 12 times the monthly premium (not the monthly benefit).

Broken Bone

Fracture Cover

Optional addition which must be taken out at the start of any policy. Policyholder will be covered for specified diagnosed fractures, dislocated joints, ruptured tendons or ligament tears. Fractures classed as fatigue, hairline, stress, avulsion, chip, or microfracture are not covered. The lump sum amount paid ranges from £750 – £4,000 vary depending on which part of the body is affected. There is no limit to the number of claims that can be made, however the maximum amount paid will be no more than £4,000 in any policy year.

MRI Scan

Private Diagnostics

Optional benefit provides policyholder and/or their children access to medical specialists to expedite diagnostic tests for Cardiology, Oncology or Neurosurgery. Requires referral from GP.


Travelling Abroad

Policyholders travelling or residing in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, European Union, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand are covered. Policyholders residing or travelling for up to 12 consecutive months in other territories are covered although the policy will not pay more than 6 monthly benefits whilst the the policyholder is outside the countries listed above.

Indicative Quotes

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Example Monthly Premiums shows price of quotes obtained for Legal & General Income Protection plans with level cover & guaranteed premiums. Quotes are for a non-smoking individual with a low-risk, office-based occupation (such as Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Sales, Software etc). Policy ends on 65th birthday of the insured. Monthly benefit equivilent to 60% of gross earnings.

Policy Type Age Monthly Benefit Deferred Period Benefit Period Example Monthly Premium
Low Cost Income Protection 30 £1,500 4 weeks 12 months £13.55
Low Cost Income Protection 30 £1,500 4 weeks 24 months £15.96
Income Protection 30 £1,500 13 weeks 34 years £18.79
Income Protection 30 £1,500 4 weeks 34 years £35.79
Low Cost Income Protection 40 £2,500 4 weeks 12 months £32.43
Low Cost Income Protection 40 £2,500 4 weeks 24 months £34.45
Income Protection 40 £2,500 13 weeks 24 years £42.50
Income Protection 40 £2,500 4 weeks 24 years £80.93

Please Note: These example monthly premiums are based on quotes obtained from Legal And General using information of an individual described above. They are intended for illustrative purposes only and to assist readers better understand and compare the potential price differences between the insurance policies listed. These quotes are not personalised or tailored to specific individual circumstances and may not reflect the actual monthly premium or terms that an individual with a similar overview may receive. For accurate, up-to-date advice and personlised quotes readers should contact Black Lion Insurance.