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Self employed income protection

Self-employed income protection insurance provides you with a regular monthly income should you be unable to earn through sickness or an accident.

Here at Black Lion Insurance, we’d like to think that we’re an authority on income protection.  In particular, our advice supports the needs of contractors.  It’s our speciality.  Broadly, this is an area of the market we know inside out.

So, relax and give us a call.

As a whole-of-market consultancy with access to a wide range of insurance products, it will be our pleasure to share our expertise and knowledge with you.

Above all, we want to help you protect the things that are most important to you.  Such as? Your home, your income, your family and your lifestyle.  Also, we want you to learn about  the insurance products we recommend.  Why? Because we want you to feel totally at ease with your chosen policy.

Reward…and risk

If you’re self-employed, you already know the benefits it can bring.  However, you must consider your personal insurance options carefully.  Along with the “ups” of being self-employed, there are considerable “downs”.  Or, there can be.

Commuter no more!

There comes a time in your life when working for yourself is by far and above the most appealing option in your working life.

With no boss, no long hours spent commuting, you’re answerable to yourself.  At last, you’re doing something you love.

Or, maybe you’ve never had a “proper job”.  You’ve always been your own boss. There’s a “but”.  There’s always a “but”.  And it’s this:

Things can change.

Why you may need self-employment protection from Black Lion Insurance.  Understand your financial risks.

There’s no sick pay, no holiday pay, no health insurance – the list of things you don’t get is pretty long.

Basically, what would happen if you broke an arm or a leg in a car accident? Or, we know it’s a cliché, run over by a bus?  It happens, you know.  Sudden, critical illnesses also happen. What’s worse, the safety net that was your employment package is no longer there.

Do you have enough money put away to cover your mortgage, bills and all those other important financial commitments?

Should you be unable to work, it will be good to know that you took advice from Black Lion Insurance.  

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How can we help you?

We work with all the major UK providers, including Aegon, AXA, Aviva, Bupa, Legal & General, Liverpool Victoria and many more.  We’ll research the pick-of-the-bunch policies that meet your needs. Only, and only if we find your best solution, will we recommend it.

Read more about our income protection advice, our critical illness cover and our life insurance advice.  Or, check out our accident and sickness insurance.

These policies, should you make a claim that’s accepted could help in several ways, either by paying a lump sum, or enabling you to insure up to 65% of your gross earnings.

The best option for you?  Right now, it’s to call us to discuss your needs.  As you can see, this is a big area of insurance, so get in touch and we’ll get started.

IT consultant at brick desk - Choosing the right income protection policy for your occupation
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What our clients are saying

Black Lion insurance were great in helping me get through the countless jargon and pitfalls when it comes to setting up insurance. I was thankfully recommended to them by a colleague and they made the process seamless ensuring I have the most appropriate policy for me.

I’m an IT contractor and I wasn’t sure if I was eligible for this cover, however, to my delight, not only could I have the cover, but I could pay it through my Ltd company. I was covered within an hour of getting in contact. Very prompt and informative service!
Sanjay P

Polite and very clear when explaining my product of interest. Happy to answer any questions and recap on areas that I wanted to ensure I understood clearly before committing. Didn’t feel pressured or rushed at any point and the chap was very pleasant.
Donna Rudd

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Part of Halo Consulting, Black Lion Insurance are a dedicated team of insurance consultants with years of experience in guiding our clients to a solution that meets their specific needs. We specialise in helping both employed and self employed individuals, as well as business owners on a variety of solutions, which range from life insurance, income protection insurance, keyman insurance and shareholder protection insurance.